of Mars
Unclaimed Territory
Field #18
Lend, borrow and earn with an autonomous credit protocol in the Cosmos universe. Open to all, closed to none.
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A brave new world
DeFi has begun its quest to render CeFi obsolete, and Mars will serve as the gateway through which users interact with this new financial system.

Built atop its own Cosmos blockchain called Mars Hub, Mars outposts can be deployed on other chains including Osmosis. Wherever the outpost, Mars aims to offer a full-stack DeFi product experience that looks and feels like CeFi while preserving the benefits of decentralization: non-custodial, transparent, trustless, resilient.
Ticket to mars
The Fields of Mars
For the adventurous, the fields of Mars whisper promises of riches. They give you a place to borrow crypto from the Red Bank and leverage your yield farming activities.

Never before has this been possible on one protocol across many chains.
Enter the Citadel
Your voice matters here.

Stake the Mars token (MARS) and earn the right to ascend to the Citadel and take a seat on the Martian Council.

There, you’ll help the protocol shape the very future, not just of our planet, but of the entire Cosmos and beyond.
Transform the
future of banking
We believe in the power of individuals over corporations; of innovation over the status quo; and of giving a voice to the ones with skin in the game.

Mars offers the opportunity to help create a truly free and decentralized future… one where we take the 1%’s financial tools and freedoms and deliver them to the 99%.

The future awaits.
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